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How a CRM solution will help your business


The 90s Office

I still remember my mother office at the time she was working in one of the biggest construction factories in the country in the 90s. It was a small room with 2 desks and hundreds of folders, catalogs, ordering lists drawing and piles of paper. Even with the strong order and the indexes it sometimes took a valuable amounts of time to find a specific document especially for old, finished and archived projects. Not to mention the process of carrying documents from the one of the factory building to the others. Faxing analyses results to clients and vendors and so on.

As I said it was in the 90s. Now?

Now is a whole new world. Now people will lough at you if you tell them that you keep your business records on paper instead of in electronic format. Now we are in the era of software products when having a CRM like solution is not only handy and useful but also a must.

What is a CRM?

According to Wikipedia CRM “involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support”.
Imagine a software that holds all you contacts, offers, orders and sales. Tracking inventory and materials. All support tickets created by your clients, your team comments and so on. Every aspect of your business process stored and easy to retrieve.

How a CRM solution will help your business?

It will allow to easily find all the data you want. Client contact information or previous order – just a few clicks away. It will allow you to monitor your current materials volumes and easy way to order new supplies. Tracking product status and expected completion and delivery dates.
It is business decision whether you will go with a ready solution with fixed functionalities or you will choose a customizable one that can be developed to cover your entire business process. No matter whether you will choose a ready or custom solution my advice is to look for a web based one.
Check “Why to choose web based CRM solution” if you want to know why.

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