Web based CRM solution – why is it better?

It is available from everywhere 24/7

No matter whether you are on a business trip, meeting outside of the office or working from home. It is always accessible via your Internet connection and from every computer. Just open your browser, log in and focus on your business stuff. This is extremely useful if you travel a lot or have multiple offices.

No installation or configuration steps

How many hours did you spare(or pay to the a tech-guy) the last time when you had to install and configure your CRM solution? Forget the troubles to get it running for every new computer at your office. With web based application you do not need to install or configure anything to your computer. It is right there in your web browser.

OS/platform independent

Are you a Mac user, or you have PC or Tablet? Or maybe you have all of them? Most of the web based application are OS/Platform independent. The only requirement is to have a modern web browser and Internet connection.

Available for mobile

Did I said it is available for a mobile? Yes it is. Right there in your phone browser. I am sure you like the idea to have all your office in your pocket, don’t you?

Your data is safe in the hosting environment

Do you remember the last time when you loose your data due to a power failure, broken equipment or human mistake? Do you remember how much it costs to your business? With web based applications your data is in the save hosting environment. It is obligation to your hosting company to protect and backup your data. You only have to focus on your business.

No viruses and extra security

No need to worry about loosing data after virus infection. Even if your system gets infected your application is safely isolated in the hosting environment. As for the extra security thanks to the SSL encryption the connection between your workstation and the server is protected and no one can intersect the communication and steal your data.

If you think that I have missed something, please feel free to comment.

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